शहर में आ गए लुटेरे, बैंक वालों ने धड़ाधड़ बंद किए एटीएम, जानिए कहां का है मामला

The matter is of New York City, this city has got the status of the world’s most prestigious and safe city. But from a day before suddenly people are getting messages from the bank. It is written that we apologize to you. We have to close many of our ATMs after 5 pm because crime has increased in the city. Loitering has increased and our ATMs are being looted. At present, this message is being sent to people by Chase Bank.

Safety of employees paramount
A spokesperson for Chase Bank said that the safety of our employees and customers is paramount to us and we keep it in the first place. Although- he did not tell how many banks have been affected by this. Because the areas are constantly changing. Due to this situation, anger is also increasing among the people.

rob and even urinate in ATMs
In fact, in August, the bank had made a post in which it was told that some homeless people sleep in the ATM itself and even urinate in it. A few days back a man threw hot coffee at a person who was withdrawing money from an ATM. Then it was 3:30 in the morning. In the past, a man was caught who robbed people withdrawing money at Pacific Avenue about ten times.

People’s anger erupted on Twitter
An angry man vented his anger on Twitter for not being able to use ATMs in Fort Greene and Williamsburg. It’s really annoying that Chase turns off their ATMs at night. Are we really living in New York City? The 37-year-old software engineer said in the post, I am surprised by this. One person wrote, I could not pay after eating pizza because I did not have money. When we went to the ATM, the money was not found there. What is this happening. All working people are troubled by this.

crime is eating this city
An advocate said, “When a major bank like Chase is shutting down ATMs early because of crime, it’s a shame.” Crime is eating this city. Due to this, the retail business has reached the verge of ending. Why don’t we control these criminals?

What did the bank association say
A spokesperson for the New York Bankers Association said, ensuring the safety of customers and employees has always been a top priority. We have not done any survey yet but these problems have come. People are paying the price for this. According to a report, incidents of tampering with ATMs have come to the fore in the past. In many places, the matter of misbehavior with the employees has also come to light. For this reason, Chase Bank has to take this step.

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