शादी के लिए सरकारी नौकरी वाली लड़की को खुद दहेज देगा लड़का, बाजार में पोस्टर लेकर हुआ खड़ा, देखकर हर कोई हंस पड़ा

The trend of social media has given many ideas free of cost to people to become popular. As a result of which such a talent within people starts coming out which no one can even imagine. However, it is a different thing that these strange and unique acts of people give us and you a chance to sit and laugh. One such video is going viral on social media, which will remind one of those marriage advertisements, which used to be read in newspapers earlier. But this person went two steps ahead of the newspaper and took the poster and went out to find a bride in the middle of the market.

Such a video is going viral on @SushantPeter302 on Twitter. Where a boy is standing in the middle of the market with a poster of marriage advertisement in his hands. It is written on the poster- ‘We want a girl with a government job for marriage, I will give dowry’. Seeing this written, the people present there laughed. The boy is being told of Chhindwara.

Government job seeker looking for bride with poster in hand
The video of that boy is becoming increasingly viral on social media, who is standing in the middle of the market with a big poster in his hand. Through the poster, he is looking for a bride with a government job. For which he is also ready to give dowry on his behalf. Seeing his style and demand, people laughed a lot. But he did not get upset by the tussle and stood in the middle of the road holding up the poster. In the hope that who knows, a girl with a government job might catch sight of him and accept his offer of marriage.

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