शादी के 22 साल बाद पति-पत्नी को हुआ एक ही महिला से प्यार, साथ रहने लगे तीनों! विचित्र रिश्ता देख दंग हुए लोग

You must have often heard saying that love is blind, but not so much that it cannot distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad. People are thinking like this about the relationship of a couple. The husband and wife we ​​are talking about have been with each other for a long time, but suddenly they found a woman whom they both fell in love with and after that both of them got into a relationship with her. When you also hear about this relationship, you will ask what name should be given to it!

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, Trey and Salina, who live in New Orleans, USA, have been in a relationship with each other for the last 22 years (Couple fell in love with widow). . Both are husband and wife, their children study in college. Trey is 46 years old while Celina is 45 years old. Despite all this, he fell in love with another woman. The surprise is not that Trey has fallen in love with the woman, but the surprise is that his wife Selina has also fallen in love with the same woman. That is, husband and wife have fallen in love with the same woman.

couple relationship with widow

Salina and Ruth first recognized each other as lesbians and then included Trey in this relationship. (Photo: Instagram/twocoffeesandatea)

three people in a relationship
The name of that other woman is Ruth who is 45 years old and a widow. Ruth’s husband died in the year 2020. She first met Celina in the year 2021. Talks started between the two and then they came to know that both of them are gay (bisexual). They started seeing girlfriend in each other and they slowly came closer. Then Salina also included husband Trey in this relationship. Trey also liked Ruth, and harmony began to be established between them. Now all three have started living together in the same house and are very happy with their relationship. He says that there is no need to be surprised and misunderstand this relationship. All three of them are adults and are with each other with consent.

Elderly people are surprised to know
His children are also comfortable with this relationship, but people of his generation have problems knowing about it. Trey said that it becomes very difficult to run this relationship because there can be jealousy or estrangement, so all three do not hide things from each other and remain clear, which clears up misunderstandings.

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