शेर के बाड़े में कूद पड़ा शख्स, खुद ही जाकर बैठ गया ‘मौत’ के सामने, Video में देखें खौफनाक नज़ारा …

Delhi Zoo Man Jumped in Lion’s Cage: The most dreaded and vicious hunter among wild animals is the lion himself, the king of the jungle. Not only animals, humans also consider it good to move out of a narrow lane when they come in front of a lion. Once the eyes of this animal fall on a prey, it catches it with the speed of lightning. However, in the video which is going viral at the moment, a different kind of scene is visible.

Seeing a lion, people think it is good to run backwards, but there are some insolent people who enjoy jumping in front of death. One such old video is currently going viral on social media. The video is being told of Delhi’s zoo in the year 2019, in which you can see a person sitting right in front of the lion. What did the lion do after this?

Man jumps into lion’s enclosure
The video going viral once again is of Delhi’s zoo. In the year 2019, here a person had jumped into the lion’s enclosure despite being stopped by the people. The security personnel and other people were surprised to see this sight. He reached in front of the lion and sat there. Even the lion himself was shocked to see him like this and started roaming around him. Fortunately, the king of the jungle was probably full, so he did not eat this madman, otherwise it does not take much time for this dreaded animal to find a victim in front of him and cut him into pieces.

People are stunned to see the crazy man
The video of this person has been shared on Facebook. Thousands of people have seen it and it is being shared fast. By the way, let us tell you that after this incident in Delhi, the security personnel had somehow saved this man’s life and later it was found that he was mentally deranged. That’s why he did this strange act.

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