शेर पेड़ पर चढ़ तो गया, फिर भूल गया उतरना, नीचे गिरा धड़ाम से; होश उड़ा देगा ये मजेदार वीडियो

Lion is the king of the jungle, so everyone is afraid of him. Seeing him in front of whether an animal or a human, everyone’s whistle gets lost. Even those who want to see the lion get scared after seeing the lion in front of them. In fact, apart from being the king, the lion is also the most dreaded animal of the jungle. He is such a dangerous hunter that once he falls behind, it is impossible for him to escape. People tremble at the roar of a lion. But when people see the same lion stuck in trouble on the tree, they will start thinking that what is the problem with the lion?

You will laugh a lot watching the king of the jungle fall in a video shared on Instagram wowafrica. In fact, the lion climbed a tree to a height. But while getting down, he remembered his grandmother. And even after a lot of effort to handle it, finally he could not save himself from being crushed. Video is very funny.

The king of the jungle fell while coming down from the tree
One such video of the dreaded lion is going viral, in which its hegde is seen coming out. In fact, people could not imagine seeing a lion with pride and status in such trouble. In the viral video, a lion got badly stuck on a tree. Actually he had somehow climbed the tree, but his condition worsened while coming down. Despite thinking a lot, the lion could not understand how to get down from the tree. In the midst of this effort, he got so confused that while being careful, he fell on the ground from the tree.

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