सब कुत्ते-बिल्लियां पालते हैं, लड़की ने पाल रखा है सुअर, बिस्तर पर सुलाती है अपने साथ!

Girl has A Pet Pig: You must have seen many people keeping pets at home. Some people want to keep a dog as a pet, while some people want to keep a cat in the house. At the same time, there are some people who are fond of raising birds. Hardly have you heard about any person who has kept an animal like a pig in the house. Today we will tell you about one such girl, who lives with a pig in her house.

A girl named Mina Alali, a resident of California, USA, has kept a pig pal for herself. The way people keep their dogs and cats with them while sleeping and waking, similarly this girl does not leave her pig alone even for a moment. The girl is a social media influencer and she keeps sharing her pictures and videos with her pet pig.

Pig sleeps only with the girl
Mina Alali, 25, bought a small pig in March 2022, which she named Merlin. Mina says that she felt an instant attachment to Merlin. The weight of the Vietnamese pig is about 15 kg and it can be up to 3 feet long. Talking to South West News Service, Mina tells that she loves to love her pig and he also sleeps with Mina in the bed. His mistress has taught him to turn on and off the electric buttons. Apart from this, he has also learned to dance, sit and do high five and according to Meena, he is also very smart.

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