समंदर किनारे अचानक आ गया अजीबोगरीब जीव, देखने वाले थे हैरान, फिर सामने आई सच्चाई!

Rare Creature: There are many reports of strange creatures being found on the seashore all over the world. One such 4 feet long ‘rare’ creature has been seen in a video footage. This creature seen in the video footage is usually found in rivers but somehow got washed up near the Texas beach. In the clip, Jess Tunek, director of research for the Mission-Aransas Reserve, was seen lifting the long brown animal from the wet sand. Marine experts have identified the animal found dead as an American eel.

Tunnel said that species of eel are about 5 feet long, but most people see them about 2 to 3 feet long. He said, “Eels are quite common in freshwater rivers in Texas, but not usually at this size. That’s basically as big as they get.” Fishermen sometimes use them as bait, but this one is so large that they do not believe it was used for that.

It may have been a female who went to the sea to lay eggs. Females can lay up to four million eggs but tragically die later. However, experts have ‘no way of knowing how this particular fish died’. The news comes after a 25-year-old fisherman captured a video of a rare humpback whale in British waters. The rare mammal was spotted by Cornish fishermen Anthony Roff and James Tanner, who made the amazing video yesterday (23 January) at 5pm in Carbis Bay near St Ives.

James told CornwallLive that the whale was “twice the size” of his 18-foot boat and surfaced just a meter away when he and Anthony were fishing for mackerel. Blok says that he has been fishing since the age of 15. None of the fishermen he spoke to in St Ives had ever seen a humpback whale.

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