साइबर क्रिमिनल्‍स को लोगों ने दिखाया ठेंगा, पाई पाई को हुए मोहताज, रिसर्च में चौंकाने वाले खुलासे

The whole world is troubled by cyber criminals. Sometimes they steal money from your bank account, sometimes they hack the systems of companies, hospitals, school-colleges, banks, government departments and even your home and stop it. They would not open until the ransom was paid. Hackers also threaten to sell stolen confidential data.

start doing two hands
Thousands of such cases have come to the fore in the past years. But you will be surprised to know that people have started shaking hands with him. According to a report studying cybercriminals, people are now showing disdain to cybercriminals and refusing to pay them. Due to this, there has been a huge decrease in their income. (Cyber ​​hackers earnings slide as victims refuse to pay ransoms)

Recovery reduced by 40 percent
According to a BBC report, Cryptocurrency experts at Chainalysis did a research on this, and it was found out that the earnings of cybercriminal gangs have declined by up to 40 percent because the victims are refusing to pay the ransom. Researchers said that in 2021, where cyber criminals raised $ 457 million, last year it decreased to $ 311 million. This has made them quite nervous and the attacks have intensified.

people stopped being afraid
Bill Siegel hackers of software firm Coveware often interact with hackers. Cybercriminals told them that whenever they demand millions of dollars from people or institutions, people refuse. They even say that do whatever you want to do. We are not going to give a single penny. According to him, earlier when attacks used to be less, people used to have social fear. Now it has become so common that people have stopped being afraid.

straight forward people
Bill Siegel was told by hackers associated with Russia and China that in 2020 where 70 percent of the people had paid the ransom, in 2022 only 41 percent of the people paid. According to the research firm, a special trend was seen. Big institutions still give some money, but small institutions or common people flatly refuse.

Hackers themselves admitted
Chainalysis analysts monitor the movement of money in and out of cybercriminals’ bitcoin wallets. This report has been prepared on the basis of the same data and conversation with hackers. According to Bill Siegel, their income may be even higher, but it is certain that a large number of people are not paying the ransom amount and are cheating the hackers.

Back up companies
Hackers are definitely finding it more difficult to collect ransom for ransomware attacks, said Brett Calo, a threat researcher at cybersecurity company Emsisoft. Companies are running by making their own backup, due to which the need to panic or give arbitrary money immediately has ended.

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