साड़ी में करतब कर महिला ने चौंकाया, प्रोफेशनल जिमनास्ट्स को भी दे रही है मात! देसी अंदाज़ ने जीता दिल

Gymnast is such a word that on hearing it, pictures of people exercising with great flexibility start roaming in front of the eyes. Such flexibility in which hands-legs-neck-waist twists everything in such a way that the eyes and head get dizzy. In this boys and girls show such flexibility of their body that it seems that there are no bones in the body. But during this he wears skin tight and fitted clothes. But when a woman did gymnasts and yogasanas in a desi style, people were stunned.

One such video was shared on Twitter’s @DharmicBharat. In which the woman wearing saree did such feats that people were surprised. Some started calling it Bharatnatyam and some gymnast. But done in saree. His every step was startling. It was not the indigenous style of the woman that won the hearts of the people. The video has received over 58,000 views.

Gymnast in saree surprised by doing yoga
The video of that woman is becoming very viral on social media, people were surprised when she started doing gymnastics wearing a traditional saree. But during this time his dress did not appear to be an obstacle in his duty from anywhere, this was his amazing specialty. In the 27-second video, the woman did Kabhi Chakrasana, sometimes did a handstand, sometimes did somersault on the strength of one hand. So sometimes she was seen sitting with split legs. And wearing a saree, the woman was doing all this in a very relaxed manner; no tension was visible on her face. It seemed as if she is very proficient in doing gymnastic wearing saree.

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