सुंदर दांत पाने की ऐसी चाहत, विदेश जाकर कराया इलाज, खर्च कर डाले 4 लाख रुपये

White and beautiful teeth are the desire of everyone. People keep doing all kinds of efforts for this. But if someone becomes so fond of getting beautiful teeth that he goes abroad for treatment, spends lakhs of rupees, then what would you say. A British man became so obsessed with getting bright teeth that he went to Turkey for treatment.

Chef Dey, a resident of Manchester, has shared the video on Tiktok with his shining teeth. She said she became obsessed with the teeth of several reality TV show stars, including former Love Island star Jack Fincham and Katie Price. After this he searched on the internet that how his teeth keep shining all the time. It came to know that these people have got Turkish teeth #TurkeyTeeth fitted. From that time I also got fond of getting such teeth fitted.

Filling of 70 percent of the teeth
Chef Dey reveals he spent £4,000 to beautify his teeth. Went to Turkey for this. De told that this procedure was quite aggressive. Because for veneer you have to fill 70 percent of the teeth. However, he wrote in the caption with the video, ‘Don’t go to Turkey, your teeth are fine.

how to hide bad teeth
Actually, veneers are new coverings for teeth that hide bad teeth. For the veneer to fit, the front of the tooth is slightly drilled. An impression is taken, and a thin layer of porcelain is applied to the front of the tooth. Just like applying false nails. Now you think this process is for one tooth, then if Dey had to get it done for all the teeth, then how would he have to face it.

got 8 lakh views
This video of Chef Dey #TurkeyTeeth became a hit on social media and was viewed more than eight lakh times within just a few hours. 52 thousand people liked it and about 500 people shared it. Many celebrities of the TV world also commented on his video. Some Tiktok users praised his smile, while many said, he will have to regret his decision. Tampering with natural teeth is not okay.

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