स्टाइल में बड़ों को भी मात देता है बच्चा, डेढ़ साल की उम्र में बनवा रखे हैं टैटू, पहनकर चलता है सोने की चेन!

Tattoo Baby Traylin: When children come in the arms of their parents, they have their own dreams about them. Especially the mother wants to mold her child according to herself. She dresses and decorates him according to her own. Many times children are also seen in unique getup (Toddler Having Stylish Body Art) as per the choice of the mother. There is one such child, who is only one and a half years old, but his mother dresses him up like a thug.

At one age, youth are fond of getting tattoos, but what would you say if a one and a half year old child gets tattoos on his body and looks like a thug wearing a gold chain? Today we will introduce you to one such child. Although such a small child cannot have any choice of his own, that too in terms of clothes and accessories, but the child’s mother has given a different getup to the child. If you look at the kid, he will look like a mini thug.

The mother has made the child a cartoon
The child’s name is Treylin and when he was 6 months old, Shamekia Morris started getting fake tattoos done on his body. Shamekia, a fashion designer by profession, hails from Florida, USA and she loved dressing up the baby like this. You will see many designer tattoos (Baby Has Tattoo on Body) on the soft body of the child. Apart from this, Shamekia has made the child so stylish by wearing gold and silver chain and bracelet that the onlookers cannot digest this look. Not only this, the child also has hundreds of pairs of clothes and sneakers.

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