स्टेज पर लग गई आग मगर कपल ने नहीं छोड़ा साथ, लोग आग बुझाते रहे और वो बाहों में बाहें डाल नाचते रहे

Marriage is the most special and precious moment in everyone’s life. Every memory related to it is the most special, so people do not want to let their special day get ruined under any circumstances and want to keep every difficulty and obstacle away from it. From pre-wedding shoots to engagement, turmeric mehandi and other wedding rituals, the bride and groom’s family join hands to make it special. But to save their special day from getting ruined, a couple showed such courage that people are surprised by the carelessness on their faces.

One such wedding video went viral, in which suddenly a fire broke out near the stage, but the newlyweds didn’t mind it and kept dancing peacefully with each other. The people present around were busy in extinguishing the fire, but the carelessness on the face of the couple surprised the people.

The couple kept dancing even after the fire, did not show concern
When the bride and groom kept dancing arm in arm even in the midst of the fire near the stage, people started thinking that after all the bride and groom are neither in awe, nor are they nervous, nor is this uneasiness visible on their faces, rather they are one. They are so happy to have the company of others that they are seen engrossed in that. The couple revealed that they worked very hard to prepare for that special day, the choreographer spent day and night preparing the dance, in such a situation, he did not want to let any obstacle come in the way of his special, so he prepared hard. He completed the Gaya dance at any cost. Also said that no obstruction could ruin their marriage and dance.

The motive was not to ruin their special day and first dance
Sam Alomiya and his partner John dance to a romantic song at their wedding on November 19 in the state of Aklan, Philippines. Then a spark broke out in the decorative flowers near the stage, on seeing which people got upset and immediately started extinguishing the fire. But it didn’t matter to the bride and groom present on the stage and they completed the dance before the beginning of their new life and this was also their wish. It was a memorable moment in his life, which he always wanted to cherish with good memories. Although he also said that the best thing was that the fire did not harm anyone and the day passed well.

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