हजारों फिट ऊपर प्लेन में मर जाए पैसेंजर, ऐसे में क्या करना चाहिए? फ्लाइट के क्रू मेंबर ने बताया तरीका

Hundreds of thousands of people travel by plane every day. There are many types of questions in their mind. Over the past few months, several flight crew members have answered such questions which have gone viral on social media. Now a group of pilots has revealed some more secrets. He told that what should be done if a passenger dies in a plane thousands of feet above? What would be the method for this.

Former pilot Dan Bubb of Las Vegas, Nevada, told that it is possible that someone has died during your journey and you never even knew about it. Because if a passenger passes away in the middle of the flight, the flight crew try their best to hide it.

Passengers are not informed
Dan Bub told that in case of death of a passenger in the middle of the flight, it is the first responsibility of the crew members that at least the news should reach the passengers so that they do not get scared. For this, the crew members first carefully take the dead body backwards to the area. That is, he is removed from among the passengers. Crew members do not give any information about this to the passengers.

dead body covered with blanket
Dan Bub told that some planes have special types of boxes in which the dead body is kept. If there is no space, the cabin crew is asked to cover the person with a blanket up to his neck and fasten his seat belt. All airline crew members are trained for medical emergencies.

Can ask for help from other people
Also, in case of emergency, if they feel that a passenger needs more assistance, they can make an emergency landing at the nearest airport. In addition, they can seek help from any passenger who has medical experience.

It is the responsibility of the airline to deliver the dead body.
Still, if he could not be saved and died in the middle, then following these procedures, the passenger is taken to the destination. After that his record is thoroughly scrutinised. The local administration is also informed so that his dead body can be taken to his family or acquaintance. This is the responsibility of the airline company.

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