हमारे पसंदीदा ‘धनिया’ से है इन्हें नफरत, महक सूंघकर ही भाग खड़े होते हैं! कहते हैं शैतानी बूटी

Why Some People Hate Coriander: We Indians love to eat coriander. In winters, its chutney is made everyday and if it becomes a bit expensive then dry coriander has to be added to the vegetable. It is understandable if someone hates the smell of garlic and onions, but coriander brings a guarantee of taste to our desi food. By the way, let us tell you that this thinking is only ours because there are many people in the world, for whom coriander is a satanic herb.

Seeing the green leaves of coriander, the appetite of us Indians increases, but you will be surprised to know that there is a country where people hate coriander. The reason for this is the same fragrance of coriander, for which Asian people are crazy. There are many countries in the world, where the hatred of coriander is to such an extent that it is even called a satanic herb. You must also be wondering what is there in green and brown innocent coriander, that people hate it too?

Can’t tolerate the smell of coriander
In our country, leave coriander leaves, stalk and seeds are also eaten, but in some places it is called stinking spice. The people of Australia dislike it so much that 14 years ago they started I Hate Coriander Day. Those people involved in this were troubled by the smell of coriander. People who hate coriander gossip a lot about it on 24th February. By the way, apart from Australia, people in some parts of Europe also do not like coriander and most of them are women.

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People who hate coriander gossip a lot about it on 24th February.

What is wrong with coriander?
By the way, the likes and dislikes of human beings are different regarding the smell. Can’t say anything on this, but scientists have definitely found out what people dislike about it. In the year 2012, a company named 23andme studied this and found that there is a special gene OR6A2 present in coriander, which gives it a soapy smell. Aldehyde present in coriander is that chemical compound, which is not liked by those who hate it. Now no matter what anyone may feel, Indian people give great respect to coriander. Be it a curry or a dry vegetable, if green coriander is not visible, then it is as if the taste has diminished a bit.

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