हम डायटिंग में परेशान हैं, ब्रिटिश लोग बिस्किट छोड़कर खा रहे हैं ‘समोसे’, बना चाय का पक्का साथी

British Kids are ditching classic biscuits for Samosas: Every country has its own taste. In some countries, typical tea with milk and ginger is preferred, while in some countries the custom of green tea or coffee is slightly more. People have different preferences in different places regarding the side dish that goes with these hot beverages. For example, deep fried things like samosas, kachoris and pakoras are preferred in our country, but in some countries a little lighter things accompany tea.

In India, there is nothing more popular snack than samosa, but often you will see people leaving it and eating biscuits due to dieting. By the way, nowadays British people have started eating our lovely samosas instead of biscuits. Their age-old classic combination of tea and biscuits is disappearing from the hearts of the people and the famous Samosa is taking its place. British biscuit sellers are also worried about this.

British kids eating samosas with tea
According to the report of Daily Star, some experts are telling that the taste of today’s generation is changing. Especially people are now learning cookery lessons on Tiktok. Not only this, there is a growing desire among 16- to 24-year-olds to turn snacks into wholesome meals. They are getting very impressed with samosas after coming on holidays in our country and are including this full meal snack in their daily routine. According to market researcher Jonny Forsyth, today’s kids don’t have time for formal eating rules, so snacks become a complete meal for them.

samosa changed the game
At present, the things that the young generation of Britain likes the most with tea are granola bars and samosas. In a survey conducted by the United Kingdom Tea & Infusions Association, it was found that both the snacks are filling. They fill their stomach by eating it with tea and they are also liking this pattern. Where earlier he used to eat sweet treats like cookies, now he prefers to eat salty snacks.

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