हवा में 10 मिनट तक लटका रहा झूला, लोगों की हलक में आई जान, देखें ये डरावना वीडियो 

Video of Jhula: Amusement park is a fun place where people enjoy and seek adventure. But there are many people who like to ride fast moving tracks or swings. But riding it is equally scary. These parks are known for big swings, speed riding etc. Although this feeling can be worse if it is known that his swing is stuck in the middle of the air. Then this scene full of thrill turns into a scream.

Recently, a group of guests at an amusement park in Fuyang city in China’s Anhui province experienced a different kind of fright. In this, they were in the pendulum of a big swing and their swing remained hanging in the air for 10 minutes. On January 19, people were hanging upside down in this huge pendulum swing. The video of this incident, which was shared by AP, is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The workers and staff present in this Chinese amusement park tried to fix this huge pendulum swing but failed. They could not restart the control panel. After several attempts, the officials decided to fix the swing manually by climbing the pole. Park officials said the swing caused problems because it exceeded the weight limit with the number of people on it.

The officials managed to fix the pendulum swing and put it back in motion within 10 minutes. The amusement park authorities also issued refunds to affected tourists and offered to help with medical expenses for those hurt by the incident.

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