हसबैंड से नहीं, अजनबी शख्स से प्रेग्नेंट हुई 2 बच्चों की मां, दिया 3rd बच्चे को जन्म तो फैमिली भी चकित!

Woman Gave Birth to Stranger’s Baby: Pregnancy and the journey till the birth of a child is very special for any woman. During this, she keeps waiting to see the child’s face every moment. Mother’s connection with the child is different, but today we will tell you about a woman for whom giving birth to a child was not an emotional journey but a hobby, which she fulfilled.

Samantha Mathews, 31, already has a daughter and a son, yet she left her husband and gave birth to a stranger’s child. When the family was told about his move, they were shocked. American woman Samantha says that she enjoys being pregnant, which is why even after having 2 children, she fulfilled her hobby by giving birth to a stranger’s child, not her husband’s.

‘Having children is fun’
According to YouTube channel Truly, Samantha Mathews and her husband Dan are parents of 2 children. They did not want any more children for themselves but Samantha felt like becoming a mother once again. In such a situation, she told this thing to her husband and he found it very strange. Meanwhile, Samantha came to know about surrogacy and discussed it with her husband. Although her husband did not wish that his wife should give birth to someone else’s child, but he did not forbid her.

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The woman fulfilled her hobby by giving birth to a stranger’s child. (Credit- wornanandsam)

Eventually Samantha conceived through surrogacy. Although neither Samantha’s egg was used for the embryo nor her husband Dan’s sperm, that means this child was completely strangers.

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Family members were stunned
In the year 2020, a user on Facebook expressed his desire to have a child through surrogacy. Only after this this process started. They were very happy to know about the pregnancy after 8 months. However, people in Samantha’s family did not accept this and she had to face a lot of criticism. Samantha and Dan also inform their children about the child and help them not to get attached to it at all. They clearly tell them that the child is going to go to someone else’s house. Samantha herself also gave birth to the child, but did not even raise him in her lap.

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