हिरण को निगल गया दैत्याकार अजगर, लेकिन पचा नहीं पाया, फिर लाश की तरह बिछ गया नदी के अंदर!

Snakes and pythons are such creatures that people will shudder at the sight of them. Where a snake with its poison, the same python with its grip makes the person in front of it in a moment. These crawling creatures are very dangerous. Many pythons are such that they swallow whole living beings or human beings standing still. Once the creature comes in the grip of his huge body, it becomes impossible for him to escape. One such video is going viral on social media. In which the python has caught a huge deer. After a lot of struggle, he finally managed to swallow it with his horns.

In a video shared on YouTube’s Masai Sightseeing channel, you will be shocked to see a giant python swallowing a deer. The python had to struggle a lot to swallow that huge deer i.e. gazelle, but he considered swallowing the deer whole, but his condition worsened in digesting it, so he went and lay down in the river.

The python was troubled in swallowing the deer
The video of python and deer became increasingly viral on social media, in which python caught the deer, but its condition became crispy while swallowing. But the hungry python could not even leave the prey in hand. So with all the hard work he managed to swallow the deer slowly. But the matter was not only to take the deer in the stomach, but the big task was also to digest it, in which the python became upset. After consuming heavy food, it became difficult for him to move from his place.
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The video is of the Mara River in the forests of the Masai Mara, where after swallowing a deer, the giant python lays down like a corpse in the water. In fact, it became difficult for him to walk with the heavy deer lying in his stomach, so he took the path of the river. Where he could move forward with less effort. In the viral video, the python lying in the water can be easily seen moving slowly. The huge size of the deer lying in whose stomach is also clearly visible. It was also told in the details of the video that- ‘A huge python was seen in the Mara river, which was struggling to swallow a gazelle. But later he ate it and was seen struggling to move his huge belly around the Mara river.

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