’14 फरवरी से पहले लड़कियां बना लें ब्वॉयफ्रेंड, फोटो खुद प्रिंसिपल देखेंगे’, वायरल हुआ कॉलेज का नोटिस!

Girl Students Served Notice to Get Boyfriends: A circular is issued to give any important information or information to the students studying in school-college. Information related to studies or college is given in the notice. However, at present, such a circular of a college in Odisha is going viral on social media, in which a strange order has been issued for girl students. In this circular, they have been asked to show their skills by making boyfriends before Valentine’s Day.

This notice is from SVM Autonomous College of Odisha. It has been said in the notice that the girls should make their boyfriends before February 14 i.e. Valentine’s Day and submit their photos to the principal’s office. This college is located in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha and this circular posted on the notice board here is garnering a lot of headlines on social media. People are surprised that how can this happen?

Make a boyfriend and inform the principal
In this strange notice going viral on social media, college students are being appealed to ‘make at least one boyfriend before February 14’. This will be for security reasons. No single girl can get admission in the college. They have to show the current photo of their boyfriend. Spread the love. This unique information of the college has become famous on social media. People are giving mixed reactions on this. It has also been said that the girl students will have to submit the photo of their boyfriend to the principal and their eligibility will be tested by this.

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It has been ordered in the notice that the girls should make their boyfriends before February 14 i.e. Valentines Day. (Credit- Twitter/ @JournoSatish)

‘This notice is absolutely fake’
After this strange notice went viral, when the investigation was done, it was found that no such notice has been issued by the college of Odisha. This is the handiwork of some rogue student. It was written in the notice that the girls who would not be able to make boyfriends would not be allowed to sit in the classes. The principal of the college, Bijay Patra told the media that the students need not get confused because the notice is fake. He has also lodged an FIR in this matter and the police is probing it.

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