1947 में 36 रुपये देकर पाकिस्तान से भारत आ जाते थे लोग, आज बेलने पड़ते हैं पापड़, खुद ही देख लीजिए टिकट!

India-Pakistan Railway Ticket: If you want to travel between India and Pakistan, even today people have to pay thousands of papads, but there was a time when a person used to travel between the two countries by spending only 36 rupees. If you do not believe us, then you can see a ticket going viral, in which the distance between two countries has been reduced to less than 50 rupees.

Till now 76 years have passed since independence and during this time many things have changed from technology to social structure. Nowadays many interesting posts related to this difference are going viral on social media. A railway ticket between Rawalpindi and Amritsar is going viral on social media. In this ticket, the fare between 2 stations between India and Pakistan is showing only 36 rupees 9 annas.

Pakistan and India distance in 36 rupees
In a post going viral on social media, an old train ticket from Pakistan to India is visible. This ticket is after independence, when if someone came in the train coming from Rawalpindi to Amritsar, he had to pay a very low fare. Think, 9 people used to reach from Rawalpindi in Pakistan to Amritsar in India in just 36 rupees 9 annas, that means the fare of one person used to be 9 rupees 1 anna. The ticket is dated 17th September 1947 and looking at it, it seems that a whole family had migrated from Pakistan to India.

people didn’t believe
The picture of the ticket has been shared on Facebook by a page named Pakistan Rail Lovers. It has been liked by more than 14 thousand people, while it has been shared thousands of times. People reacted to the ticket and said that it is not just paper but history. One user called it gold. Another user said that it is such a strong carbon copy that it has not faded even after 75 years.

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