21 साल में 14 बच्चे! महिला ने बताया किन-किन सालों में थी प्रेग्नेंट, लोग बोले- ‘कंडोम के बारे में सुना है?’

There was a time when a big family was considered a happy family. In rural areas, people used to think that if there is a big family, then there will be more people to help in agriculture and the family will run smoothly. But when there was a shortage of resources for living and inflation started increasing, then people came to know that there is happiness in a small family only. When today’s people see the old people with big families, they make a wrong opinion about them, but it is surprising when nowadays people also start having big families. These days a video of a woman (Woman gave birth to 14 kids in 21 years) is going viral who is telling the audience in which years she was pregnant.

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