22 साल के लड़के को मिली ‘ड्रीम गर्ल’, पर्चे पर लिख गई कुछ ऐसा, आज तक समझ नहीं पाया…

Girl Gives a Riddle to Solve for Her Contact Number: There is an age in which a person thinks whether he will get the kind of partner he is looking for or not? At the age of 20-25, people are often busy looking for a special person for themselves at every public place. In such a situation, there is no place for their happiness, when someone is seen living up to their choice. The same thing happened with a boy, but his mind wandered when the girl gave him a puzzle instead of the phone number.

Every boy hopes that somewhere he will find a girl who will be like the princess of his dreams. Think, even if someone meets you sometime, but also confuses you with such a puzzle, the answer of which is proving impossible to find? The boy’s cousin gave information about this interesting sentence on social media, seeing which people have given funny reactions.

Girl given puzzle in exchange for number
According to the report of Daily Star, a boy wrote on Twitter about the incident with his brother that his cousin found his dream girl in a pub. When she told him about this, the first question the boy asked was – did you both take each other’s phone numbers? In return, the boy told – most of the numbers have been found and sent him a screen shot of a pamphlet, on which the phone number was written like a puzzle. Actually the girl wrote some digits of the number and some were missing and the boy has to puzzle over those digits so that he can talk to his dream girl.

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