30 फीट गहरा अनोखा कुआं, न रस्सी-न बाल्टी, लोटे से पानी निकालते हैं लोग

Dholpur. You must have heard from elders or seen in films that years ago people used to drink water from wells with pots or with their hands. Today we are going to show you one such well, which is located in the fields near Khokhla village in Bari subdivision of Dholpur district. The people of this village drink water from this well by taking it out of a bucket or pot without a rope.

We are talking about this well located in the fields near Khokhla village of Bari subdivision. This well is about 30-40 years old. Villagers Gyaprasad Meena told that the width of this well is 12 feet and the depth is 30 feet.

The water of this well is filled till the top. Due to which the people here take out water from a bucket or pot without a rope for drinking and bathing.

Two engines are also kept on this well for irrigation. With which irrigation is done in the fields. During irrigation, the water of this well decreases and when these engines are stopped, then again the water of this well comes up to the top.

The villagers of Khokhla village told that the Angai dam is just a short distance from this well. Because of which the water in this well comes up to the top. Due to having water till the top of this well, diesel is also used less in the engine for irrigation. Due to which we also get financial help.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 19, 2023, 13:49 IST

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