5 सेकेंड में खोजनी हैं जंगल में छुपी छिपकिली, नज़रों को दे रही है धोखा; दिमाग को झकझोर देगी भ्रम वाली चुनौती

Such pictures deceive the eyes, it takes a brain exercise to find the hidden things in them. This is called the optical illusion challenge. Which works to understand your mental skills and to know the attitude through the picture. This is the reason why optical illusion challenges are also called brain exercises or tests. Because to find the hidden things in the picture, you have to use your whole mind. Due to which the brain gets exercise.

The challenge is to find a lizard in the optical illusion picture, which is hidden somewhere in the jungle picture. The mind can get annoyed in finding that lizard. But if you find it within five seconds, the world will appreciate your brain skills.

Lizard shocked by hiding in the forest
To test your brain, you will have to find the lizard hidden in the jungle in the picture which has been presented this time. Which will not be visible to anyone at first glance. But surely he is present somewhere in the picture. Only those with sharp vision and sharp mind like an eagle will be able to find that lizard, which is playing the game of hide and seek only to deceive your eyes. So you have to use your sharp eyes and look at each and every detail of the jungle picture.

optical illusion test

Hundred.Playbuzz: The search for a lizard hidden in the rock shook the mind, tired everyone in the game of hide and seek

Lizard hiding behind the rock
Even if you are finding it difficult to find the lizard. But he is present in the picture only. If you really want to find it, then look very close to the front rock in the picture, you can find it by its hands and long tail. Which will look like light white stripes with dark brown color. If till now you have not been able to complete your search then you can see the solution in the above picture. And those who completed the search for the lizard within five seconds would undoubtedly be called super smart.

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