86 साल पुरानी तस्वीर में स्मार्टफोन देख हुई हैरानी, टाइम ट्रैवेलर का दावा लगने लगा सच, क्या आप कर पाएंगे यकीन?

In today’s era, it is not a big deal to see a smartphone in every hand. Don’t know how many changes have happened since the invention of the phone till now. But there was a time when landline was also difficult, in such a situation it was difficult to imagine such a wireless phone which could be taken anywhere anytime. But you must be surprised to see a person using a smartphone in a decades-old painting, because that painting is also from the 1620s, leave aside the smartphone, hardly anyone would have dreamed of electricity and landline in every house.

The painting in question was made by Italian artist Alberto Romano. The name of the painting was ‘Mr Pynchon and the Settlement of Springfield’. The name of the person in the pink suit in the picture is Mr. Pynchon. In which the image of the 16th decade has been raised. Where the process of people coming to settle in the city is being shown.

Do time travelers really exist?
The most special thing about this painting is that in it a person of American origin who does not have clothes on his body is seen holding a square thing in his hand. About which it was claimed that maybe it is a smartphone. But during that time its concept was also impossible, so how did the smart phone become in the painting. This is the reason that now people are being forced to accept the time traveler’s claim as true. Looking at the picture, it seems as if the person is taking a selfie from the phone. However, some people claim that the square thing seen in the person’s hand can also be a mirror. Now those who have questions about time traveler in their mind, let them know that they are called time travelers who have the ability to go far back and ahead of their time i.e. in the future. Mention of time travelers is often heard in the news, who claim that they have seen great dangers of the future.

Smartphone shown in decades old paintings

‘Mr Pynchon and the Settlement of Springfield’ painting by Italian artist Umberto Romano, 1937

Mobile phone surprised in decades old painting
However, this is not the first time that one has been surprised to see the use of smart phone or mobile in a picture of very old times. A 1928 Charlie Chaplin silent comedy film featured a woman holding a ‘mobile phone’ in the background.

Smartphone shown in decades old paintings

Mobile phones suspected to appear in Charlie Chaplin’s silent films (Fills-Circus)
Smartphone shown in decades old paintings

Sou.YouTube: A woman was standing with a phone in her hand in a very old painting

In another painting from the 17th century, a woman is seen holding a square object that looks like an iPhone. This painting was prepared by ‘Peter de Hooch’. Whose name is ‘Man Handing a Letter to a Woman in Entrance Hall of a House’. All these pictures once again forced me to think about the time traveller. Writing an article in an online magazine Motherboard with a 1936 painting drew everyone’s attention to the time traveler’s claim.

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