A masterpiece that is both touching and thought-provoking

'Gulmohar' movie review: A masterpieces that is both touching and thought-provoking

Manoj Bajpayee has also been a fan favorite with his flawless acting which, when paired with veteran actress Sharmila Tagore gave birth to a beautiful work of art that ‘Gulmohar’ is.

 Released on March 3, 2023, the Rahul Chittella-directed ‘Gulmohar’ kept viewers engaged, though critics at the Telegraph believe the narrative lost its strength midway.

The plotline

The Batra family has spent 34 years living in the same residence. They have convened for a “farewell” get-together since they are now going to different accommodations. The packers and movers are scheduled to arrive the following day.

But the suppressed tension and whispered conversations at the final family dinner before the big move-out portray each family member’s real struggles. The grandmother Kusum (Sharmila Tagore) wants one last Holi feast as a family at what they all know as ‘home.’

At the center of the drama is her middle-aged son Arun (Manoj Bajpayee), who has trouble adjusting to the changes threatening to overwhelm the family.

His wife, Indu (Simran), is in an uproar, trying to figure out the practicalities of the transfer while also dealing with her mother-in-law, who has her own ideas. Their son Aditya (Suraj Sharma) has a chilly connection with his father since he is determined to break out from his father’s shadow and start his app. Their prodigious musician daughter Amu (Utsavi Jha) struggles in her romantic life.

Review of ‘Gulmohar’

The writing is insightful enough regarding the peculiarities of its characters. The majority of the actors have been meticulously picked, and as a result, they leave behind them enormous expectations, which they readily exceed.

The role of the family’s patriarch is wonderfully suited for Manoj Bajpayee. With her parental anguish and modern sensibilities, Sharmila Tagore, who hasn’t appeared on television in a very long time, perfectly brings the role of Kusum to justice. Amol Palekar, who has also returned after a break and is by himself apart from the rest of the family, adds all the little details that make his role unforgettable.

Gulmohar is one of those masterpieces that are both touching and thought-provoking. It discusses making compromises while still standing your ground, loving with your heart rather than your head, relationships being about links rather than blood, and how both fathers and sons have a similar need to prove themselves to one another. The Batra family and its staff all share the themes of love, hope, and interpersonal relationships.


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