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A Tribute to John Roland, the Legendary News Anchor Who Lived to 81

John Roland, a well-known newsreader and reporter, passed away on May 7, 2023, when he was 81. His death’s cause has not yet been made public. He did, however, require hospitalization in 2002 due to diverticulitis. The reporter at the time almost died from the illness. Over the years, Roland, who had previously worked at several different news outlets, became well-known for his numerous presentations as an announcer for Fox 5. Several individuals who knew Roland shared their sorrow on various social media websites.

John Roland’s Professional Career

John Roland attended California State University, Long Beach, to graduate. After graduating, he began working for NBC News in the 1960s before moving on to KTTV. He worked for numerous other news organizations, including Channel 5 and WNEW-TV. He first earned notoriety for his performances on The 10 O’Clock News and then for those on WPIX. Throughout his career, he served as the host of numerous newscasts. In June 2004, he announced his retirement. In addition, Roland gained notoriety for appearing in films such as The Object of My Affection, The Scout, Hero at Large, and Eyewitness. Additionally, he made several appearances in documentaries such as 2012: They Come to America and 2013: They Come to America 2: The Cost of Amnesty. John Roland spent the entire time in North Miami. He had four marriages, but none of them resulted in offspring.

Tribute To John Roland

Ernie Anastos, a news personality, posted a photo on Facebook to honor Roland. Ernie claimed in his piece that the latter was a model professional with extremely high journalistic standards. He continued by saying that everyone respected and admired Roland and that they would never forget him. Dennis Michael Lynch, a businessman and host of a podcast, also claimed on Facebook that he and Roland had been best friends for about 15 years. The post included a photo of the two of them, and Dennies noted that it was shot on the very first day of the They Come to America show’s filming. He said that the first scene was filmed on the terrace of Roland’s beachfront condo and that Lynch and John delved into a few glasses of wine shortly after.

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