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Aarti Mittal’s Prostitution Racket Exposed

The Dark Side of Bollywood: Aarti Mittal's Prostitution Racket Exposed

In a shocking development, the Mumbai Police Crime Branch Unit 11 busted a sex racket operating within the film industry on Monday.

The police arrested casting director and actor Aarti Mittal, who allegedly ran the prostitution racket under the guise of providing roles to aspiring actors and models.

How the racket was exposed

According to the police, they received a tip-off about the racket and sent a decoy customer to contact Mittal. She agreed to provide a woman for Rs 50,000 and asked the customer to come to a hotel in Andheri.

The police team raided the hotel and arrested Mittal and the woman. They also seized cash, mobile phones and other documents from them.

The Dark Side of Bollywood Aarti Mittal's Prostitution Racket Exposed

Mittal’s modus operandi

The police said that Mittal used to lure aspiring actors and models with promises of roles in films, web series and advertisements.

She would then ask them to send their photos and videos for auditions. She would also ask them to meet her at hotels or flats, where she would force them to engage in sexual activities with her clients.

She would charge hefty amounts from the clients and pay a meagre amount to the victims.

Mittal’s background

Mittal is a resident of Goregaon and has acted in some films and web series. She also runs a casting agency.

Bollywood is known for its glamour and glitz, but behind the scenes, there is a dark and dirty side that many people are unaware of.

One of the most shocking scandals that has rocked the industry recently is the revelation of a prostitution racket by actress Aarti Mittal.

Who is Aarti Mittal?

Aarti Mittal is a 32-year-old actress who has appeared in several movies and TV shows, mostly in supporting roles.

She started her career as a model and won the Miss India title in 2014. She was also seen in some reality shows and music videos. She was considered to be a promising talent and had a loyal fan base.

How did she get involved in prostitution?

According to sources, Aarti Mittal was struggling to get good roles and faced financial difficulties. She was also addicted to drugs and alcohol.

She came in contact with a notorious pimp named Rajesh Sharma, who lured her into prostitution with the promise of money and fame. He introduced her to wealthy clients, who paid huge amounts to spend time with her.

She also recruited other aspiring actresses and models into the racket, taking a cut from their earnings.

How was she caught?

The police got a tip-off about the racket from an anonymous informant. They raided a five-star hotel in Mumbai, where they found Aarti Mittal and four other women in compromising positions with their clients. They also seized drugs, cash and mobile phones from the scene. Aarti Mittal and Rajesh Sharma were arrested.

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