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Aryan Khan’s clothing brand D’YAVOL X slammed for ‘outrageous’ prices; netizens ask ‘Who will buy?’

Aryan Khan's clothing brand D'YAVOL X

Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, recently launched his own clothing line called ‘Aryan’.

The brand offers “premium quality” and “exclusive designs” for the young and fashionable crowd. However, the prices of the products have sparked outrage among netizens, who have slammed the brand for being “insane” and “ridiculous”.

What are the prices of Aryan’s products?

Aryan’s website features a range of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, joggers, and accessories. The prices range from Rs 3,999 for a cap to Rs 24,999 for a t-shirt. The most expensive item on the website is a leather jacket, which costs Rs 1,49,999.

How did netizens react to Aryan’s pricing?

Netizens quickly mock and criticize Aryan’s pricing, calling it “unrealistic” and “unaffordable”. Many users compared the prices to their monthly salaries or rent, and wondered who would buy such expensive clothes. Some users also questioned the quality and design of the products, saying that they looked ordinary and boring.

Here are some of the reactions:

  • “Aryan Khan’s clothing line has a t-shirt for Rs 24k. I can buy 24 t-shirts for that price.”
  • “Who is going to buy Aryan Khan’s clothes? Even his father’s fans can’t afford them.”
  • “Aryan Khan should have named his clothing line ‘Aryanshah’ because only Shah Rukh Khan can buy them.”
  • “Aryan Khan’s clothing line is a joke. The clothes look like they are from a local market.”
  • “Aryan Khan’s clothing line is an insult to the common man. He should learn from his father how to be humble and grounded.”

What is Aryan’s response to the backlash?

Aryan has not responded to the backlash over his pricing yet. However, his website states that his brand is “not for everyone” and that it is “a reflection of his personality and style”.

The website also says that Aryan’s clothing line is “made with love and care” and “a tribute to his fans and supporters”.

Aryan Khan’s clothing line has faced backlash over its ‘insane’ pricing. Netizens have slammed the brand for being ‘unrealistic’ and ‘unaffordable’.

Aryan has not responded to the criticism yet. His website claims his brand is ‘premium quality’ and ‘exclusive design’. It remains to be seen whether Aryan’s clothing line will find any takers.

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