Dulhan Ka Video: ट्रैफिक से बचने के लिए दुल्हन ने अपनाया ये तरीका, जिसे देख कहेंगे स्मार्ट दुल्हन   

Video of Dulhan: Bangalore, famous for innovation and entrepreneurship, is also considered bad for traffic jams. The person who has worked in this IT hub city would be aware of the traffic problems here. By the way, the people of Bangalore go through the problem of traffic jam everyday. The traffic is so bad that … Read more

आनंद मह‍िंद्रा की सीख, वीडियो शेयर कर लिखा-हर दिन को ग्रेटफुल मानें, जानें ऐसा क्‍या है वीडियो में

Famous businessman Anand Mahindra posts a motivational story every week on Twitter and inspires people to move forward. This time he shared one such video and reminded netizens to be grateful for every day that seems normal. Eagle showing hovering attackThe chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra used video clips to make his point. In this, … Read more

अपने ही भाई से शादी कर प्रेग्नेंट हुई लड़की! दादा-दादी की तस्वीर से खुला राज, सच पता चलते ही उड़े होश

Marriage is such a bond for which whether it is a boy or a girl, they get ready only when they get the boy according to their wish. In India, where parents usually fulfill this responsibility, in foreign countries, boys and girls decide the relationship together and get married. But sometimes they are not able … Read more

महिला को ब्रेस्ट कैंसर, तो शादी के 2 महीने बाद ही फरार हुआ पति; अब इस नेक काम के लिए बेच रही शादी के कपड़े!

Relation of husband and wife: In social life, the wife is considered half of the husband, that is, Ardhangini. And it is also believed that till the last breath the husband does not leave his wife, no matter what trouble comes. But now the meaning of these things has started changing. There is one such … Read more

पत्नी को देख जलता था पति, पहनना चाहता था उसके कपड़े और करता था मेकअप! मौत के बाद….

A person’s sexuality tells in which gender he is born and how he will live his life, but sexuality can also change with time and people also change it according to their real nature. One such case came to light in England (England man turns woman after wife’s death) when a man became a woman … Read more

देखते ही देखते शेर को निगल गया अजगर, एक ही झपट्टे में कर दिया काम तमाम! वीडियो देख दहल जाएंगे आप

Videos related to wildlife are most viewed and liked on social media. Which often include mischief of pets or wild animals. But when the hunting of wild animals is captured in the camera, then it is heart wrenching to see. One such video is going viral on social media where a python stopped breathing after … Read more

3 बच्चे पैदा करने वालों को मिलेगा इनाम, भारत के इस राज्य की सरकार ने की घोषणा; वजह है हैरान करने वाला

Sikkim Population Increase Scheme: Sikkim will be the first state in India where the government is bringing a scheme to produce more and more children. For this, Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang has announced various incentives for people from indigenous communities to produce more children. Addressing a Maghe Sankranti function in South Sikkim’s Jorethang town … Read more

700 वर्षों से विधवा के श्राप का दंश झेल रहा है यह गांव, भूलकर भी नहीं करते यह काम; हैरान करने वाली है वजह

India is called the country of villages. Every village here has its own unique story. There is one such village in Sardarshahar tehsil of Churu district of Rajasthan, whose story is strange. The people of this village are suffering from the curse of a widow since 700 years. The effect of the curse is that … Read more

OMG: 17 की उम्र में गंवाई वर्जिनिटी, अब 8 लाख खर्च कर पाई दोबारा; दिखती है फेमस सेलिब्रिटी की हमशक्ल!

In today’s time, one night stand and casual romance have become such a common concept that they are trivial things for boys and girls. They find issues like virginity pointless. In such a situation, he believes in multiple partners. But for an American girl, the issue of virginity is so important that once she has … Read more