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Canadian Rock Band Sum 41 To Split Up, Their Upcoming Album To Be Their Last

After 27 years with one another, the venerable Canadian pop-punk band Sum 41 has announced their breakup. Their upcoming record, their ninth studio album, will be their final release. The band stated in a social media post on Monday that they have experienced some of their best moments since joining Sum 41 in 1996. They would always be grateful to their fans, both new and old, for their unwavering support. The respect and affection they have for everyone are difficult to put into words.

Sum 41’s Final Album

The band Sum 41 will split up. They intend to complete the present tour dates during the current year, and they eagerly anticipate the release of their final album, Heaven:x: Hell, and a farewell global tour to mark the occasion. They’ll let everyone know as soon as we have more information. For the time being, they are eager to meet their fans in person and are anticipating what the future holds for all of them. The group, which now includes leader Deryck Whibley, Dave Baksh, Jason McCaslin, Tom Thacker, and Frank Zummo, was formed in 1996 as a NOFX tribute act. Only Whibley is still on the current lineup, which has varied over time.

All The Albums Of Sum 41

The group joined Island Records in 1999, and the following year, Half Hour of Power, their debut EP, was published. All Killer No Filler, their debut album, was released in May 2001 and included the songs Fat Lip, Motivation, and In Too Deep. In the end, the album received platinum certification in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The hard-tour band experienced a successful run in the 2000s, with albums like Does This Look Infected?, Chuck, and Underclass Hero all reaching gold or platinum status in several nations. In the years that followed, the band dipped into an ongoing state of impact success, with all of its albums doing well on the charts in Canada and other countries. The band members have also experimented with individual endeavors, with Whibley producing two songs for Avril Lavigne, to whom he got hitched for 4 years, among other acts, in 2006 reports Variety.

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