Chai Se Kalakari: चाय डालकर बनाया अद्भुत कलाकृति, कलाकारी देख रह जाएंगे दंग, गजब का है ये वीडियो

Chai Se Kalakari: When you wake up in the morning and get tea on the bed, then the whole day becomes good. Nothing can be better than this. But the more one feels happy after drinking tea, the more one is surprised by the artistry done by it. A video of one such artwork is going viral on social media, which looks simple in the beginning, but surprises in the end.

This video has been shared by Lavi Nagar Instagram user. It is shown in the video that he pours tea on a sketch and then uses it to create an amazing piece of art. The beginning of the video shows a pencil sketch of Prafulla Billore, the founder of MBA Chai Wala. The artist then pours the tea over the sketch. He then uses a brush to spread it to complete the artwork.

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