Dog Vs Tiger Video: कुत्ते और बाघ की जबरदस्त लड़ाई देख भागा शेर, नोच डाले बाघ के कान, हैरान करने वाला वीडियो 

Garden and Dog Landing: You must have seen a dog fighting with another dog or cat many times. Videos of animal fighting are often seen on social media. But have you ever seen a dog fight with a tiger? One such video is going viral on social media, in which a tremendous fight is going on between a lion, a tiger and a dog. This amazing video was shared by an Instagram page called Animals Power.

In the video, we can see a golden retriever dog trying to bite off the ear of a tiger. The dog has a tight grip on the ear of the tiger and looks as if it wants to bite the big cat’s ear. A lion sitting nearby is also shown in the video. The lion however tries not to get involved in the fight. However, instead of attacking the dog, the tiger attacks the lion. So, the lion jumps out while the dog continues to fight the tiger.

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