Dulha Dulhan ka dance Video: शादी में दुल्हा दुल्हन का गजब का डांस कंपटीशन, लोगों को आ रहा पसंद, देखें Video

Dulha Dulhan dance video: Weddings are always fun, but more than that, wedding dances are the ultimate entertainment for guests. People love to watch these dances and often cheer the person performing. Recently, a video of a bride and groom dancing at their wedding is going viral on the internet.

In a clip shared by Instagram user Boney Su, you can see the groom’s side dancing in a video. The groom and his friends are performing vigorously. People are clapping on this dance of theirs. More than one lakh people have liked this video. In another video, you can see the bride and her friends also dancing. The bride is standing in the center and people are cheering for her too. More than two lakh people have liked this video clip. Ever since these videos have been shared online, they are getting a lot of reactions. Many are liking this performance.

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