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Eric Dazzles Ariel In A New “The Little Mermaid” Image With Whosits & Whatsits Abounding

One feature to be on the lookout for is Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid. For a young audience, the Rob Marshall film seeks to retell the traditional fairy tale with a modern touch. The movie, which is set to hit theatres in a little more than a month, looks more enchanted and endearing than we could have imagined. As the date of release draws closer, we are getting more sneak peeks inside the film, which promises to expand upon the well-known plot.

Prequels And Sequels To The Animated Movies

Prince Eric is observed giving a stone to Ariel in a new picture published in Total Film. As we all know, Ariel is usually interested in things discovered above the sea. The event looks to take place after Ariel has switched her fins for feet, which is an interesting continuity with other depictions of these two together. Fans may desire more after seeing the new version because the new film looks so wonderful.

The original film featured a prequel as well as a sequel. When asked about his plots and the live-action for the future, the director cautiously advised considering the audience’s reaction to the current film, but he did not rule out any options. I know there have been prequels and sequels to the animated movies, for example, the straight-to-video type of stuff, you know? He said to Total Movies. It’s a well-known tale with numerous interesting characters and subplots. For some things, I do believe it is appropriate. “But you’ve got to see how a film plays, as well as how it does,” they continued.

The Little Mermaid Will Reflect A Modern Worldview

I believe there is always a chance to discover tales within stories. Always a good thing, that. After several prior Disney princess modifications, a live-action Ariel tale is long overdue. finally, The Little Mermaid will reflect a modern worldview. It will be fascinating to observe how the live-action adaptation respects the cartoon film while modernizing it. In regards to the film, Marshall remarked, “I’m happy we could take this to a live-action as it is a mighty tale & very emotional” reports Collider.

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