Faltu 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd February 2023 Written Update, Savita and Dadi getting inside Ayaan’s cabin. They sees him unconscious and gets teary eyes upon noticing her state. They shows their concern towards Ayaan while the latter wakes up and sees his mother and Dadi standing near him. The latter feels elated upin seeing Savita and assures her that he is fine. Ahe shows her emotions and tells him that how Faltu is responsible for his condition. She proclaims that she won’t forgive the latter while Ayaan listens to her and thinks about Faltu. He ask Savita about Faltu’s whereabouts, to which the latter replies that she have no idea regarding Faltu Or her family.

Here, Ayaan shows her curiosity towards Faltu and says that he wants to know about her safety. At that time Tanisha comes there and assures him that Faltu is fine. She smiles towards Ayaan and says that she knew about his wishes regarding Ayaan and proclaims that she also can understand his promise towards Charan.

Tanisha says that Ayaan was always worried about Faltu due to the promise given to protect her from the society. Tanisha states that she was the one who have given the money for Faltu’s operation and apologises to him for hiding it. She says that she didn’t had any other choice as Ayaan was getting really suspicious at that point of time.

Elsewhere, Tanisha shows her concern towards Ayaan and proclaims that she will even talk to Kanika regarding the selection of Faltu in the indian cricket team. She states that after fulfilling Charan’s promise, Ayaan will be relaxed and can spend his life with their kid. She also expresses her love for Ayaan.

Ayaan recalls the words of Charan and declares that he don’t want to keep any relationship with Faltu or her family. He proclaims that they all are selfish and doesn’t remember the flavors done towards her by others. He gets furious at Faltu and proclaims not to meet or think about him anymore.

Ahead, Tanisha smirks as her plan gets successful. She proclaims that after completing her next move, Ayaan will surely get away from Faltu anf won’t talk about her anymore. Meanwhile, Savita and Dadi tells Ayaan about how worried Tanisha was when Ayaan was unconscious. They says that he is lucky to have a wife like Tanisha.

Savita tells how Tanisha doesn’t had anything to eat or drink as she was concerned for Ayaan. The latter looks at Tanisha with gratitude. Meanwhile, Faltu goes back to her house and the neighbors comes to meet her. They shows their care towards her while Charan learns about Ratan trying to sell his property. Charan decides to go back to Ittarpur along with Jamuna.

Further, Faltu tells about her restlessness to Lajwanti and notify that she went to meet Ayaan. The latter ask Faltu not to meet him anymore as he is married tk Tanisha. Meanwhile, Ayaan also gets discharged and returns back to his house. Whereas, Siddharth manipulates Tanisha to bring Ayaan and Faltu close, so that they will get irked with one another’s presence. She agrees to him anf thinks about it, while Janardan discuss with Kanika about Tanisha’s idea to help Faltu.

Precap:- Faltu faces Ayaan and proclaims that she will return each and every bit of money which they have given to her. Ayaan mocks her and ask who will give job to her as she is illiterate. Faltu gives a befitting reply to Ayaan and aak him not to worry about it as she will do anything to return back his money. She declares that she is even ready to become anyone’s servant. Ayaan ask her to becomes their maid and taunts that of she gets scared? To which she accepts his offer and challenges him.

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