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Fans Shower Love and Support with Marriage Proposals: Watch

Anjali Arora, the popular TikTok star and social media influencer, has been in the news lately for a leaked MMS that went viral online.

The video allegedly showed Anjali in a compromising position with an unknown man. However, Anjali denied the video’s authenticity and claimed that it was a morphed clip created by some haters to defame her.

Anjali’s fans quickly supported her and showered her with love and appreciation on her Instagram account. Some even went a step further and proposed to Anjali in the comments section.

They expressed their admiration for Anjali’s beauty, talent and personality and said they would love to marry her.

Anjali was touched by the gestures of her fans and decided to make a video to thank them. She posted a video on her Instagram story where she said that she was overwhelmed by the love and support of her fans.

She also said that she was flattered by the proposals but she was not looking for a relationship right now. She asked her fans to respect her privacy and focus on her work instead.

The video was adorable and showed Anjali’s sweet and humble side. Her fans were delighted to see her happy and smiling again. They commented that they respected her decision and wished her all the best for her future projects.

Anjali Arora is one of India’s most followed TikTok stars, with over 20 million followers. She is known for her to lip-sync videos, dance videos and comedy skits.

She has also appeared in some music videos and web series. She is currently working on a new project with a leading OTT platform.


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