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Fernando Alonso Responds To Rumours That He Is Dating Taylor Swift

Following rumors of a possible relationship between Taylor Swift and Formula One driver Fernando Alonso, Alonso has revealed whether he is dating Swift. Swift and her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn also parted ways around the same time as Alonso, 41, who last month split up with girlfriend Andrea Schlager. Since then, there have been rumors that Alonso & Swift have been together, but the previous F1 world champion continues to refrain from commenting on his personal life in favor of talking about driving.

Rumors About Fernando Alonso Dating Taylor Swift

Alonso was spotted in a TikTok video playing Taylor Swift’s song “Karma” while browsing through his phone and winking at the camera. Upon arriving at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Alonso was questioned regarding his romantic life. Before beginning his relationship with Schlager, Alonso formerly had relationships with Miss Switzerland runner-up Xenia Tchoumitcheva, supermodel Linda Morselli, and writer Lara Alvarez. Swift has dated several men during her life, including Joe Jonas, Calvin Harris, and Harry Styles. To maintain his incredible beginning to the 2023 season, Alonso hopes to finish on the podium once more this weekend in Style. With 45 points, the Spaniard is currently in third place.

Taylor Swift’s Break Up With His Boyfriend

After dating for six years, Swift and Alwyn announced their breakup on April 8. According to the outlet, they ended their relationship many weeks ago since it had reached its breaking point. Alwyn allegedly missed all of the “Anti-Hero” singer’s US Tour concerts after their breakup, according to the tabloid. Her US Tour kicked up on March 17. Due to personality conflicts, the couple also broke up. Friends reasoned that since they’ve previously experienced difficulties and always managed to resolve them, they would take a while apart before reuniting in the end.

However, it turned out that the two weren’t a good match. With Taylor’s level of celebrity and public attention, Joe has suffered. After spending so much time together, it’s also tough to overlook the disparities in their personalities. They’re no longer close. The two famous people were very discreet about their relationship before it ended. Alwyn stated in an earlier conversation that he preferred not to talk about his relationship since it contributes to a peculiar aspect of culture reports The Mirror.

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