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Film is Bold, Blunt, Thought-provoking, Hard-hitting and Disturbing

'The Kerala Story' Opening Day Box Office Collections

The Adah Sharma-led film, directed by Sudipto Sen, is off to a strong start at the box office. Early estimates indicate that the film’s opening day haul has surpassed that of Marvel’s most recent release, Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

Estimated Collection

 “The Kerala Story” and “Guardians Of The Galaxy 3” are tied for first-day box office success. Both are approaching the Rs 7 crore threshold. However, “The Kerala Story” is expected to prevail since it has garnered greater box office results throughout broad circuits. The film’s opening-day revenue was  Rs 8.03 crore net.

The movie’s box office receipts are enormous compared to previously released major movies like Bhediya, Cirkus, and Shehzada, which, despite their apparent appeal, failed to find an audience. Even though the film is divisive and critical to a specific demographic, this feature became its main selling point.

The Plot

In the movie “The Kerala Story,” actress Adah Sharma portrays Fathima Ba, a Hindu Malayali nurse who was one of the 32,000 women who vanished from Kerala and were later recruited by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) after being forced to convert to Islam. The movie also exposes the ‘Love Jihad’ propaganda, in which Muslim males coerce Hindu girls into becoming Muslims and leaving their families.

Sudipto Sen’s ‘controversial’ movie, which stars Adah Sharma, has generated much discussion. “The Kerala Story,” a movie that debuted in theatres on May 5, earned both positive and negative reviews from viewers. Some described it as a “propaganda film,” while others thought it was “fabulous.”


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