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How BTS’ Suga Overcame Depression and Became an Inspiration for Millions

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BTS’ Suga is not only a talented rapper, producer, and songwriter but also a brave and honest artist who has shared his personal struggles with mental health through his music. Suga has been open about his depression, OCD, and social anxiety since his pre-debut days when he faced many challenges and hardships in pursuing his dream of becoming a musician.

He has also revealed how he suffered a shoulder injury that prevented him from exercising and affected his self-esteem. Despite these difficulties, Suga never gave up on his passion and worked hard to prove to himself and his parents that he could succeed in the music industry.

Suga’s solo songs, such as “The Last” and “First Love”, as well as his mixtapes under the name Agust D, are some of examples of how he expresses his emotions and experiences in a raw and authentic way. He does not shy away from singing about the dark and bitter aspects of life but also shows hope and resilience in overcoming them.

He has also inspired millions of fans worldwide who relate to his lyrics and find comfort and consolation in them. Suga has said he is comfortable and feeling good now, but he acknowledges that negative emotions come and go like cold weather. He has also encouraged people not to hide their feelings and to discuss and express them openly.

Suga’s story of depression and recovery is a testament to his courage and strength as an artist and a human being. He has shown that it is possible to overcome the challenges and obstacles that life throws at us and to achieve our goals and dreams. He has also shown that it is okay to be vulnerable and seek help when needed.

Suga is not only a member of BTS, one of the most successful and influential groups in the world, but also an inspiration for millions who struggle with mental health issues and aspire to follow their passions.

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