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How the American Pawnbroker Survived a Fake Death Hoax

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Les Gold is a famous American pawnbroker and reality TV star, best known for his role in the show “Hardcore Pawn” and his business, American Jewelry, and Loan. Recently, rumors have been circulating on social media that Les Gold has passed away, causing shock and sadness among his fans and followers. However, these rumors are completely false and have no basis in reality. Les Gold is alive and well, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

The death hoax was probably started by internet pranksters or trolls who wanted to create confusion and chaos among the public. Such hoaxes are common for celebrities and public figures, who often become targets of false news and rumors. Unfortunately, some people may have believed or shared the hoax without verifying its authenticity, which can cause harm and distress to the person involved and their loved ones.

Les Gold is a respected and successful businessman and TV personality with a loyal fan base and a loving family. He has not retired from the pawnbroking industry and continues to run his store in Detroit, Michigan. Fans of Les Gold can rest assured that he is still alive and doing well.

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