IAS अधिकारी ने शेयर किया सबसे दुर्लभ बंदर का वीडियो! शेर की तरह चेहरे पर उगे हैं बाल, इंसानों से रहते हैं दूर

There are many such creatures in the world which were present on this earth for a long time but with time they came on the verge of extinction. Sometimes dinosaurs were present on this earth and sometimes birds like Dodo also used to roam here. But with time many creatures came on the verge of becoming rare and either they disappeared, or their species is on the verge of extinction. The video of one such rare monkey (Rare monkey viral video) is going viral on social media, which is seen by very few people.

IAS officer Supriya Sahu (Supriya Sahu IAS) often posts strange videos on social media. Recently he has shared a video in which a strange monkey (Endangered monkey in jungle viral video) is seen. Sharing this video, Supriya wrote- “Enigmatic, surprising and somewhat mysterious, Lion tailed Macaques are found in the Western Ghats. They are on the verge of extinction and only a few thousand are left. Habitat protection is vital to their survival. This is a rare footage of Senthil Natarajan.”

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