Jodhpur News: ट्विटर पर वायरल हुए भीखाराम का अड्रेस पढ़ें, यकीनन नहीं रोक पाएंगे अपनी हंसी

Report: Mukul Parihar

Jodhpur. Being a delivery boy is not a disease in everyone’s control. For the delivery of goods, one has to run from one place to another throughout the day. In such a situation, when an address is found strange, then it becomes difficult for the delivery boy to find it. One such case has come to the fore from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The manner in which a Flipkart customer has entered his address here has now gone viral on social media and people are taking a dig at it.

The address that went viral on social media is that of Bhikharam. According to the information written on the parcel, this matter is of January 4. A person named Bhikharam had ordered some goods from ‘Flipkart’, on which the address is of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Bhikharam’s address has been written on the slip of this order which went viral on Twitter – Bhikharam, Hari Singh Nagar. 1 kilometer before Gilakor village, on the right side is the gate of his farm. There is an iron gate. There is a small gate nearby and black coral is inserted near the gate. Come there and call. I will come forward.’
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This unique address is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. This picture of a parcel with this address was posted on Twitter by a user named Nishant on January 13. Wrote in the caption – The delivery person will remember its address till death. This post has got about 2 thousand likes and hundreds of reactions so far. Users are making funny comments. One user wrote, if you tell me the address then tell it like this. Some said, this is the wonder of Photoshop.

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