Jodhpur News: बच्चे के चुलबुलेपन ने बदल दी किस्मत, जाने रौनव की रोचक कहानी

Jodhpur. It is said that no one knows when someone’s luck will open. This thing has happened with 4 years old Raunav of Jodhpur. While having dinner with his family in a club in Mumbai, his flirtatious style and Marwari language changed his fortunes overnight. Producer Tej Rajput was so impressed by his flirtatious style that he gave Raunav a chance to act in the serial ‘Pandya Store’.

Actually, on October 1, Raunav was having dinner with his family at a club in Goregaon. Producer Tej Rajput was also present there. Meanwhile, Raunav was showing childlike playfulness in his cry. Then Tej Rajput reached Raunav’s family and told them that he is also from Marwar. Along with this, he introduced Raunav’s family to the director and casting director of the serial ‘Pandya Store’. The director and casting director were also impressed and offered to give the lead role in the serial. Now Raunav will be seen in the upcoming serial ‘Pandya Store’ on Star Plus.

Laxman Vaswani, grandfather of 4-year-old Raunav from Jodhpur, says that his son Jai Kishan Vaswani works in Aditya Birla Bank in Goregaon, Mumbai. There I have an ancestral shop of sarees at Sojati Gate and live with my family in Nehru Park area. He is very happy on this achievement of his grandson. Congratulatory calls are also coming from relatives.

Raunav’s father Jai Kishan says that on October 1, he went to a club in Goregaon for dinner with his family, Raunav was also with him. We were talking in Marwari during dinner. Raunav was also in his fun and was speaking Marwari in a flirtatious manner. That’s why producer Tej Rajput got excited there. Meanwhile, he met the director and casting director of the serial ‘Pandya Store’ and he offered to work in the serial.

Hearing this offer, the whole family was surprised that how such a small child would shoot. But the producer assured that he would give training. Now Raunav is playing the character of serial character Ravi and Shiva’s son Mithu. Raunav stays on the shooting set from early morning till late evening. He goes for shooting with his mother in the morning and returns late in the evening. Right now he is studying LKG and his elder brother is in class four. Both are studying in St. John’s Universal School, Goregaon.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 18, 2023, 19:03 IST

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