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Jonathan Groff Joins The TARDIS In A Special Episode Of ‘Doctor Who’

Jonathan Groff, a stage and screen veteran, will play a pivotal part in the upcoming season of the long-running and hugely popular ‘Doctor Who’ on the BBC. The 1963 television series ‘Doctor Who chronicles the exploits of The Doctor, a Time Lord who seems to be a human. The Tardis, a time-traveling spaceship used by the Doctor, traverses the cosmos.

Jonathan Groff’s Guest Appearance

Groff is on his way to board the Tardis in a mystery and intriguing guest appearance, albeit it is unclear exactly what his part will entail. The forthcoming season of the venerable stage and screen actor Jonathan Groff’s long-running and wildly successful ‘Doctor Who’ on the BBC will feature him in a crucial role. The adventures of The Doctor, a Time Lord who is to be a human, are covered in the 1963 television show ‘Doctor Who.’ The Doctor travels the universe in his time-traveling spaceship, the Tardis.

Groff is about to get on the Tardis in a mysterious and exciting cameo appearance. However, it’s not apparent what his specific role will be. The 13th Doctor in the series, Jodie Whittaker, underwent regeneration last year, unveiling David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, as the 14th Doctor. With three special episodes to commemorate the show’s 60th anniversary, the program will return in November with Tennant playing the Doctor. After David Tennant, Ncuti Gatwa will play the next Doctor, piloting the Tardis. Over the holiday season, Gatwa’s debut episode as the fifteenth Doctor will premiere.

Other Cast Of ‘Doctor Who

The fifth-season winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the 7 season winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Jinkx Monsoon, has also joined the cast. Groff expressed his excitement at the opportunity to enter the unique world of Russell T Davies and witness Ncuti Gatwa’s remarkable performance in this famous character. According to showrunner Russell T Davies, it is a great accomplishment and an immense privilege to have such a significant star walk onto the set. ‘Doctor Who’ will debut only on the BBC for the U.K. and Ireland. New seasons of ‘Doctor Who’ will only be available on Disney+ outside the United Kingdom and Ireland, according to Variety.

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