Junos Awards: Mayhem breaks out as a nude female protestor crashes the broadcast

Junos Awards: Mayhem breaks out as a nude female protestor crashes the broadcast

The relatively tame Canadian award show makes the most shocking turn when a female protestor leaped onto the stage with nothing but pasties.

This Monday event on 13th March at the Junos ended with Sharp words from the pop-queen Avril Lavigne.

So what happened?

As per Global news reports on Monday night’s Juno Awards, Avril Lavigne ejected a nude protester who was raising attention to Ontario’s plans to develop areas of the Greenbelt.

A topless protester suddenly stepped on stage behind Avril Lavigne on Monday night, who was addressing the crowd of attendees at the Edmonton event.

On her body, the words “Save the Greenbelt” were inscribed.

Lavigne quickly ordered the protester off the stage. She continued to shout into the microphone, saying, “Get the f-k off.

Soon afterward, the protester was escorted off the stage.

What is the Green Belt Issue?

Ontario plans to allow house development on 7,400 acres of the protected Greenbelt in November. On the site of the old Greenbelt, officials predicted that roughly 50,000 new residences would be constructed, with work beginning by 2025.

Both Ontario’s integrity commissioner and auditor general are looking into the action.

Opposition parties and environmentalists have reacted harshly to the move.

 The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) said in a statement to CTV News Edmonton that the Juno Awards honor the nation’s music and the artists behind them. The CARAS statement added that even though they take precautions to prevent interruptions, ensuring the same for live events is far more challenging.

They apologized for the interruption and hoped it did not diminish the artists’ achievements.


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