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Kahlen’s Graveyard Shoot Was Planned, Despite Friend’s Death

Tyra Banks rep says Kahlen's America's Next Top Model graveyard shoot was already 'planned' before friend's death - title ideas

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, former America’s Next Top Model contestant Kahlen Rondot revealed the shocking details of one of the most controversial photo shoots in the show’s history. Rondot, who competed in cycle 4 of the reality TV competition in 2005, had to pose in a grave at a real cemetery as part of a “seven deadly sins” theme, just hours after learning that her childhood best friend had died in a car accident.

Rondot said she was devastated by the news and almost quit the show, but decided to go through with the challenge. She said she was able to channel her anger and grief into her performance, portraying the sin of wrath. She received praise from the judges for her photo, but also criticism for not being more expressive during the judging panel.

A spokesperson for Tyra Banks, the host and executive producer of ANTM, told Insider that the photo shoot concept was already planned before Rondot’s friend’s death and that it would have been “near impossible” to change it at the last minute. The spokesperson said that the production had to consider factors such as location scouting, permit requirements and logistics when planning a shoot of this magnitude.

The spokesperson also said that Banks and the creative director Jay Manuel were sympathetic to Rondot’s situation and tried to support her as much as possible. Rondot confirmed that Manuel was “sincere and remorseful” and that he didn’t know about her loss until he saw her crying on set.

Rondot said that the experience was traumatic and that it affected her mental health for years. She said she struggled with depression and anxiety and that she felt guilty for participating in the photo shoot. She said she wished she had been more vocal about her feelings and that she had received more counseling after the show.

Rondot, who finished as the runner-up of cycle 4, said she has no regrets about being on ANTM, but that she wishes some things had been handled differently. She said she is proud of her achievements and that she has moved on with her life. She currently works as a bartender and a yoga instructor in Oklahoma.

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