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Katie Jane Taylor Defeats Katy Perry In The Trade Mark Dispute

Katie Jane Taylor Defeats Katy Perry In The Trade Mark Dispute

An Australian clothes designer defeated singer Katy Perry in court in a trademark battle.

Following the conclusion of the case’s proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia last Friday, the judge announced the results on Thursday, April 27.

The Taylor-Perry Dispute

Following a long-running trademark dispute, an Australian fashion designer successfully defeated pop sensation Katy Perry in court.

As per Sky News, in June 2009, a series of lawsuits were filed against Katie Jane Taylor, who uses her birth name to create and sell clothing under the brand Katie Perry.

Ms. Taylor and the US pop artist, Katy Perry, have often clashed about who receives the rights and financial benefits from the homophonous pseudonym.

The Federal Court of Australia’s hearing on the matter ended last Friday, and the judge announced the verdict Thursday.

According to the judge, the designer’s accusations of trademark infringement were partially successful. Perry’s firm, Kitty Purry, was held accountable for damages resulting from violations committed during the performer’s 2014 and 2015 Prismatic Tour in Australia, at Sydney and Melbourne pop-up stores, and on a website for merchandise company Bravado. As she utilized the Katy Perry trademark in “good faith,” the judge determined that the singer didn’t have to pay the designer anything.

Fresh Conflict of 2019

Ten years later, in October 2019, Ms. Taylor filed an infringement lawsuit against Perry in the Federal Court.

The continuous conflict, according to Justice Markovic, is “a tale of two women, teenage dreams, and one name.”

The judge has not yet decided how much Kitty Purry owes Ms. Taylor in damages.

In 2004, Katheryn Hudson changed her stage name to Katy Perry, and in 2006, Katie Jane Taylor started selling clothing under the Katie Perry brand.

Perry’s attorneys allegedly issued Ms. Taylor “cease and desist” letters after she trademarked the stage name in 2009, according to testimony provided to the court in 2021 by her attorney.


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