Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2022 Episode Analysis: Prachi, Shahana and Dida’s plan

The Episode starts with Shahana asking Prachi what idea she got? Prachi says she had got it, but forgotten. She says Rhea spiked my drink and took my signatures. She knew that I can change her plan, she had given me the photo copy smartly and not the original papers, and says it was a conspiracy. Shahana asks what to do now? Dida says even you shall cheat and defeat her. Shahana says even you? Dida says I want to unite Prachi and Ranbir. Shahana says even I want. Prachi says I came here to get my rights. Dida asks how will you get your rights, until you get your husband. She asks did you want his wealth, property or name? Prachi says no, and says I don’t want his love and name. Dida says she likes when she says that she is Ranbir’s wife. Prachi says I can’t say that after signing the admittance

papers. Shahana tells that they shall get the papers from Rhea’s locker. Dida asks how? Shahana says she has an idea and says just like Rhea spiked Prachi’s drink, we shall spiked her drink and take keys from her. Dida asks if you are from hoshiarpur and asks do you think Rhea will drink something from our hands. She says she gave the photo copy to Prachi cleverly. Shahana asks Prachi to do something. Prachi says she shall get the papers even if she has to burn the house. Dida and Shahana ask her not to burn the house. Dida says she has an idea to make Rhea plead infront of you. They asks what? Dida says you can’t do this? Shahana asks her to say this. Dida says she will think of another idea. Prachi says why did you tell about the idea then? Shahana asks her to share her idea else they will reject her next idea. Dida asks her to say sorry and says I know you will reject it, as idea is filmy and unique. Shahana says it will work then. Dida asks if both are ready, and says Kohli house shall have raid.

Prachi asks raid. She says raid happens for black money and our companies do deals in white money. Shahana says we want white papers. Prachi asks do you want to say that we will get the papers in raid. Dida says you both shall do the raid and shall go to Rhea’s room and steal the papers. Shahana says we don’t have qualification. Dida says you need moustache and turban and tells that you will come in disguise of men. Vikram cancels his meeting and tells Pallavi that he has a feeling that they are doing the mistake. Pallavi asks why you are thinking like this. Vikram says the way Rhea took Prachi’s signatures on the papers? Pallavi says you are thinking Rhea wrong. Vikram says I shall go to office and says what seems to be right till yesterday, seems wrong today. He says I am not in a right frame to think and shall go to office. He goes. Aaliya comes to Pallavi.

Shahana tells that Rhea might be thinking that you will attack her from front, but we will attack her from behind. Prachi asks what are you saying? Dida asks her to think and says sometimes Shahana talks wisely. Prachi says how we will go to Rhea’s room, Dad and Ranbir are literate about raid, and knows about the laws. Dida says this raid will happen when Ranbir and Vikram go to office, and says if anyone stops you then I will handle everyone.

Aaliya asks what happened to Vikram? Pallavi says when I got married, I knew that everyone is good at heart, but are emotional. She says Vikram has started to see flaws in Rhea. Aaliya says Rhea has no flaws in her. Pallavi says Vikram thinks that Rhea did wrong by taking signatures on the papers. Aaliya says he seems absolutely fine when everything was happening outside. Pallavi says these things happen with emotional people and tells that they shall do everything fast and shall throw Prachi out, before Ranbir changes his mind due to Vikram. Aaliya says we still have time and tells that Rhea went to pack Prachi’s bags. Pallavi asks Aaliya to stay in the house, until Prachi is here. Aaliya says Prachi will be outside tomorrow morning.

Rhea comes there and asks shall I join the meeting. She asks Dida not to meet Prachi much, and says you will miss her when she goes from here. Dida asks why she will go? Rhea says whoever comes shall leave. She does Prachi’s packing and says just memories are left, which you shall take in heart. She is about to take her stuff out. Prachi holds her hand and asks her to leave her bag. Rhea says you have become lazy, and says I have done my packing to shift to Ranbir’s room. Prachi says this is my house, and I will not leave. Rhea says I think you will leave after the court orders. She asks Shahana to stay there for a day, and leave it. Rhea tells Dida that she will let her meet Prachi outside the house, and not in the house. She asks them to continue with the farewell party. Shahana says I will break her teeth. Prachi says first we will break her ego and tells Dida that they shall work on her plan. Dida says you have to wait for Ranbir to go to office.

Prachi asks Shahana why did she wait to have food with her. Prachi says she came late due to the baby. She gets emotional. Shahana goes to get water. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words. Ranbir comes here and sees Prachi sad. Galliyan song plays…..He takes out his handkerchief and tries to wipe her tears. She stops him. She wipes tears with her pallu. Ranbir asks can I know the reason for your sadness. She nods no. He says I just want to know. She says she is confused and don’t know what she wants. Ranbir asks her to talk to him. Prachi says I meant to say….that I have confusion about what I wants, but I know clearly what I don’t want, I am very clear about that. He asks what you don’t want? Prachi says I don’t want you to show sympathy and wipe my tears, and infact I don’t like you.

Precap: Prachi says Rhea wants to throw me out from here, today was her day and tomorrow will be mine, she says she won’t let Rhea set up her house. Shahana and Prachi come there in disguise of IT officers. Rhea, Pallavi and Vikram get shocked.

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