Ladki Ka Dance Video: लड़की ने पानी के अंदर किया क्रिपी डांस, वीडियो ने उड़ाए लोगों के होश  

Ladki Ka Dance Video: The creepy dance sequence of a killer robot from the horror film M3GAN has gone viral since its release. There are many who have tried to recreate this dance. One such Miami girl is underwater performer Kristina Makushenko, who is dancing underwater on the song of the film M3GAN. He has shared a video of recreating the hit number under water. This video will surprise you.

He wrote the caption with the shared video, ‘Hello. I’m M3GAN. Your New Best Friend. fake knife Oh, that 360 car wheel was a little hard to recreate near the wall under the water. We won’t talk about how many times I hit the wall. Who saw my run at the end of the reel? While I was filming the moment, someone swam up to me and asked if I was okay (I was embarrassed, but I’m used to it). Who saw this movie in cinemas? What’s your fav style? Mine are – horrors.’ A comparison has been made between her dance in the video clip and the original scene from the film.

The video was shared a few days ago. The clip has been viewed over 1.4 lakh times since it was posted and the number of views is on the rise. Along with this, this video shared has got a lot of likes and comments. An Instagram user wrote, ‘You did absolutely right!!!’ Another user wrote, ‘This woman is fierce on land and in water. continue this!!!!!’ The third user wrote, ‘I was very nervous and scared to see you crawling fast under water. Good work! The fourth user wrote, ‘Girl!!!!! so talented.’

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